RODCON International

We provide the following main Services:   Computer Software Troubleshooting, Advance Software Debugging,   Specialized  Training, Security Analysis, Software Performance Tuning, Embedded  Devices Software and other Software Related Services.


Software Consulting

Like us, our clients recognize the development process that effective consulting benefits produce as well as deployed products and solutions. To help them realize these benefits, we have put together a team of software engineers with excellent skills who are passionate about their chosen profession.

Like us, our clients also recognize that no two projects are the same. We tailor our approach for each assignment to match the client's goals and culture. We work to a set of troubleshooting principles which govern how we conduct our assignments but don't form a constraining method which would stifle innovation and pragmatism.

We constantly adapt our approach for new situations as an organization bringing fresh insight to a familiar landscape. Although we employ only very experienced consultants, we are committed to continually improving our skills. We place a high value on training and coaching in advanced groups.